Medical Assistance

A hospital in Cross River, Nigeria Oct 19, 2016

Thousands of women, children and men are in hospitals, clinics and homes, nursing wounds and life-altering injuries following the brutal repression by the military of La République du Cameroun.

Thousands of women, children and men are in hospitals, clinics, homes, jails, prisons across La République du Cameroun following the military actions by the goverment attempting to suppress non-violent protests calling for changes and reversal of decades-long marginalization of the people.

After the September 22, 2017 non-violent, peaceful street marches calling attention to the marginalization of the peoples of the Northwest and Southwest of La République du Cameroun, the military of the goverment of Cameroon killed at least eight (8) people and injured dozens of women, children and men. They beat and raped women and carted of young men to jails and prisons, from the comfort of their homes, sometimes from their bedrooms.

A lot of the injured and sick are without adequate medical care - access to bandages and medication to care for wounds, broken limbs, ruptured torsos. The fortunate who are in hospital still need assistance with medication and travel expenses for family members who have to travel far and wide to care for them.

Your donation today will go a long way to help alleviate these expenses. 100% of your donation goes to support on-the-ground financial needs and we promise to be responsible and accountable stewards of your generous donation.

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