By Adrian Kriesch @ DW, October 19, 2018

The Cameroon presidential elections in Cameroon on October 7 were marred by violence in the country's "Anglophone" region. The government is determined to quell the separatist insurgency. DW's Adrian Kriesch has this exclusive report from Bamenda.

By the BBC, June 25, 2018

Hundreds of shocking mobile phone videos from Cameroon have surfaced in the past six months. They are coming from the English speaking part of the country where rebels are fighting to form an independent state called "Ambazonia".

By the Guardian, May 30, 2018

As rebel groups combat the clampdown on anglophone activists, civilians are being caught in the crossfire, with reports of many killed and tens of thousands forced from their homes

22 December 2017: There is an ongoing crisis in Cameroon. Thousands have fled the English-speaking areas of the country because of violence and unrest, and many are calling for an independent state. What has the government done to alleviate this situation, and does it go far enough?

Thousands of people have fled Cameroon’s violence-hit anglophone regions into neighbouring Nigeria in recent weeks, the UN said Tuesday, adding it was preparing to help 40,000 refugees from the unrest.

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